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Rapper T.I. will appear in a federal courtroom today for sentencing on weapons charges related to purchasing machine guns and silencers. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, is expected to be sentenced to one year in prison and be ordered to pay a $100,000 fine, under the terms of a plea agreement reached with authorities last year. The agreement allowed Harris to remain out of prison for a year while he performed 1,000 hours of community service. He also released sixth CD, “Paper Trail,” which has sold close to 2 million copies. CNN

Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvablamed “white people with blue eyes” for the world economic crisis, sparking accusations of racism. “This crisis was caused by the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes, who thought they knew everything and now show they know nothing,” Lula da Silva said after a meeting with the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the country’s capital of Brasilia. CNBC

A cracked levee in flood-threatened Fargo, North Dakota, forced the evacuation of about 150 homes early today. The evacuations came hours after forecasters warned the Red River, which runs between Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota, could crest at 42 to 43 feet, topping a record of 40.1 feet set in 1897. CNN

There is another group of people outraged over the AIG debacle. Employees of American International Group not involved with the shady practices that led to the company’s near-collapse last year are angry for being unfairly blamed and are scared by threats of violence against them and their families. “You mother******s should all be taken out back and shot in the head. I’d do it myself if given the chance,” read one threatening e-mail sent to the company and obtained by ABC News.

President Obama plans to send another 4,000 troops to Afghanistan along with hundreds of civilian specialists. The president also will call on Congress to pass a bill that triples U.S. aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion a year over five years. Obama is expected to announce new strategies for both countries today. CNN

U.S. Navy ships capable of shooting down ballistic missiles are being moved to the Sea of Japan as North Korea prepare for an expected rocket launch next month. Japan has also announced it is ready to fire on the rocket if any part of it enters Japanese airspace. North Korea says it will launch a commercial satellite on top of a rocket sometime between April 4 and April 8. But Western governments fear the North Koreans will actually put a long-range missile on top of the rocket. If North Korea launches, the Obama administration may have as little as five minutes to decide whether it is a threat and, if necessary, try to shoot it down. CNN



  1. TI was just here in Montgomery last weekend.

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