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Yesterday the Associated Press reported that three people were arrested and six others injured Saturday afternoon after chaos erupted outside an “America’s Next Top Model” audition in Manhattan. AP

Controversial radio host Don Imus announced on his radio show today that he is battling stage II prostate cancer. Imus is perhaps best known for a 2007 scandal that ensued after he referred to the championship-winning Rutger’s Women’s Basketball Team as “nappy-headed hos.” He lost his job with CBS for that, but was hired by ABC later that year. Imus seemed confident that the cancer was treatable and that he would beat it. FOX News

After a month of delays, the space shuttle Discovery and its crew of seven finally launched Sunday evening, rising into a cool, clear Florida twilight en route to the International Space Station. The Discovery is carrying a last set of solar arrays for the space station and a replacement part for a water recycling system, needed to transform urine into drinkable water. NASA wants the recycling system fully functional before the station crew is expanded to six members from three, a move planned for late May. NY Times



  1. I saw video of the ANTM melee last night on the news. It was chaos, which makes me wonder: Did producers go find all these fiesty girls and cast them immediately? 😉

  2. too bad Allison wasn’t there to see the bloody noses!

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