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Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime partner and attorney, Howard K. Stern, and a doctor were jailed yesterday on charges of conspiring to give Smith drugs before her death in 2007. Stern and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor were arrested and later released from a Los Angeles County jail Thursday night after each posted a $20,000 bond. Officials claim Dr. Kapoor, other doctors and Stern devised a plan to use a fake name so that Smith could be prescribed “thousands of pills” to feed her addiction. CNN

Bernard Madoff went from a $7 million penthouse to a tiny jail cell with cinderblock walls and linoleum floors yesterday after confessing he carried out what may be the biggest fraud in Wall Street history to escape the pain of a recession. Madoff, considered a flight risk, will have to stay in prison as he await a June 16 sentencing when he will face up to 150 years in prison.
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In case you missed it: Just in time for Women’s History Month (which I hope you knew is this month) President Barack Obama signed an executive order this week to create the White House Council on Women and Girls. The council’s mission will be to provide federal responses to the challenges confronted by women and girls and to ensure the impact of federal policies and programs on women and girls are taken into account. The council will also work to prevent violence against women, improve women’s health care and the economic status of women and develop policies to establish a balance between work and family. ABC News

What specific issues would you like the new White House Council on Women and Girls to address?

Oprah Winfrey yesterday dedicating her entire show to “all the Rihannas in the world, and all the young men who would think of hitting a woman” discussing domestic violence for the hour. Winfrey was joined by fellow talk show host Tyra Banks and she told young women that if a man hits you and you go back to him, “He will hit you again.” Winfrey said she believes women return to abusive relationships because of low self-esteem. Banks stressed that people who are disappointed in Rihanna should remember she is just “a girl… an entertainer” and shouldn’t have to face that added pressure. Entertainment Weekly

Do you think Oprah’s show can be effective in sending the right message to young people about violence against women?



  1. Well I am glad that someone in the media is using their powers for good. I am so dissappointed in Rihanna for allowing Brown back into her life. I know that we don’t choose to be role, but we are sometimes. I have been telling my students that IT IS NEVER OK for a man to put his hands on a woman in a violent manner. I wish she would take a stand . . . we don’t know how many girls may have walked away from abusive relationships if she would have.

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