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President Barack Obama is expected to announce today a reversal of the 8-year-long ban on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. This move could open potential pathways to cures for serious diseases such as muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease. The decision could also, however, further alienate conservatives who consider embryonic stem cell research morally wrong.

An Illinois pastor was shot and killed, and two parishioners injured after an unknown gunman opened fire during Sunday services at the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill. Rev. Fred Winters used the Bible he was reading from to shield himself from the first round of bullets being pumped at him. The gunman’s .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol jammed after the fourth shot was fired. The suspect then started stabbing himself with a four-inch knife and slashed two parishioners who tried to subdue him. It is believed the gunman was a 27-year-old man who
developed mental illness after Lyme disease attacked his brain. FOX News

North Korea put its armed forces on standby for war Monday and has threatened retaliation against anyone seeking to stop the regime from launching a satellite into space in the latest barrage of threats from the communist regime. MSNBC

According to the Associated Press, “Watchmen” racked in $55.7 million in ticket sales to claim the top spot at the box office, making director Zack Snyder’s comic book adaptation about a team of twisted superheros the biggest opening of 2009 so far. The hubster and I avoided the crowds and saw the movie Saturday afternoon. We both loved it. If you saw “Watchmen” this weekend too, let us know what you thought of it.



  1. I need to understand more about stem cell research so that I truly understand where conservatives are coming from. I also don’t want embryos created to be destroyed in the name of science/research. However, there are other ways of getting/growing stem cells. If our lawmakers, liberal and conservative, avoided writing loopholes in every piece of legislation, I doubt we’d worry so much about someone “legally” getting around the ban on cloning humans and aborting embryos in petri dishes.

    I refuse to believe that we can’t find cures for Parkinson’s, AIDS/HIV, Diabetes, and the like soon. I’m glad Obama sees/understands the need for this research. I just hope someone’s really monitoring it all.

  2. The Blue Man needs to wear clothes or move to a nudist colony!

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