Edd’s MANtra: Testing my patience

My bad if you’ve already seen this, but there’s nothing else going on today besides the usual Chrihanna drama and talk of Michael Jackson’s “comeback” album – the same one he’s been working on for 10 years.

I’m still upset he didn’t release a video for “Butterflies” from the Invincible album. That was my joint. The song, not the album.

Anyway, a so-called “Music Makes You Dumb” study was recently released, comparing SAT scores to the music the test takers prefer. The chart above showcases the results (the X axis represents SAT scores).

Here are my thoughts:

– Gospel fans are just as dumb as TI fans.

– The only hip-hop group intelligent people listen to is OutKast.

Because when I think of smart, I picture this guy:

– And what’s the difference between hip hop and rap?

– Who or what is Guster?

– I guess I need to listen to more Counting Crows.

Of course, one could make the argument that using SAT scores to gauge the intelligence of music fans can be pretty inaccurate. But according to this chart I’m just a stupid rap and R&B fan. So what do I know?



  1. Gosh! I always wondered how I came to be so intelligent. I love counting crows and ben folds!!(Seriuosly I do) Edd you better lay off that”jungle music”!! LOL! Like Joe Clark said in Lean On Me “it kills your brain cells son!” Although he was talkin about dope.

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