Da’ Man on Men

Contributed by: Karie

Attention singles: Steve Harvey, a.k.a. King of Comedy, a.k.a. Mr. Hightower, a.k.a. Radio Talk show host, adds two more hats — author and relationship expert.

If you were lucky enough to get the book in its first release (January 2009), then you can probably contribute to this month’s article. I wasn’t so fortunate, so this article will be brief. I’ll include more details in the next article.

In his book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve simply explains how men operate and why relationships fail. You will be informed and amazed. Did I mention that Steve appeared on Oprah and his book is the #1 New York Times bestseller?

My latest tip for single ladies: Go read the book!

About the contributor: Karie (pronounced like Marie with a “K) is a single, 20-something living in the DC Metropolitan area. Professionally, she works as a technical writer. Outside of the office, she enjoys graphic design, creative writing, reading, and tennis. Please contact her at tracykarie@yahoo.com.



  1. Steve Harvey is my fav comedian, hands down. From what I’ve read about the book online so far, it looks like he’s got good stuff on his hands. I’d buy it. I didn’t even know he was on Oprah talking about the book! I’ve enjoyed watching his career evolve over the years, so I’m happy for him.

  2. I saw him talking about this on Oprah it was pretty hilarious. I doubt if i go out and buy the book but i would love to borrow a copy and read it. LOL

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