Could Tyra Banks be America’s Next Top Role Model?

Despite the damage it often does to my self-esteem, I’m hooked on “America’s Next Top Model.” I just can’t help myself. I will also admit to occasionally enjoying a few episodes of Tyra Banks’ talk show, as cheesy as it can be. But I’ve never gone quite so far as deeming Banks as a role model, though I do admire how she has taken charge of her career. But Banks may find herself on my list of girl crushes yet.

The new cycle of ANTM premieres tonight at 8 p.m. EST on the CW and Banks will be pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry even more. According to a report by the Associated Press this cycle will feature a contestant with scars on her body from an accidental scalding she endured as a child and refuses to cover up the marks, a girl with startlingly large eyes and an aspiring model who is a street preacher.

And for the season due to start in September, Banks plans to focus on women that the fashion industry would consider to short to be supermodels.

Sure, there’s a chance Banks is doing all of this just for the sake of ratings, but there’s also a chance she really wants to change an industry that for decades have told us that we’re not skinny enough, tall enough or white enough to be beautiful.

If you’re an ANTM fan too, feel free to post your comments on tonight’s show.



  1. I’ll be watching and ready to comment!

  2. Aw shoot, I missed it..I hadn’t had cable for several months, so I’m still getting back into the groove of things lol..I’m with you though. Sometimes I question what shows up on ANTM and her talk show, and whether it’s just for shock value/ratings, but then there are a lot of moments where you can see the sincerity behind what she’s doing. While she’s not at the top of my personal role model list, I can definitely respect and admire her hustle.

  3. Sandra- dont like her.

    Celia- she is ok

    Aminat- i want her hair!

    Fo- cool girl love her freckles

    Allison – looks like a human porcelian doll and her nose bleed fascination is hilarious.

    Tahlia – very very pretty

    and i cant really remember the other girls.

  4. I saw the replay the other day. Sandra, homegirl needs a reality check–immediately. So far I’m really pushing for Tahlia, liked her a lot. And Allison, even if she doesn’t win or make it far in the competition, some agency will want her for sure. Don’t see eyes like that everyday, kinda creepy.

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