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Be sure to catch President Barack Obama’s address tonight. CNN reports that Obama’s speech is expected to be sober yet optimistic as he focuses largely on the economy and related issues, including health care, education and energy. (The speech will air live on CNN at 9 p.m. ET.)

The United States will likely donate more than $900 million for the reconstruction of Gaza, CBS News and the Associated Press reports. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is preparing to attend a donors conference for the war-ravaged territory next week. Clinton is expected to visit Israel and the West Bank during the first week of March for her first trip to the region as America’s top diplomat. CBS News

Jazz legend Duke Ellington is the first African-American to appear on an American coin, the U.S. Mint says in introducing the latest in its line of state-themed quarters. The District of Columbia commemorative quarter showing Ellington playing the piano will be introduced at a news conference today at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Ellington won the honor by a vote of D.C. residents, beating out abolitionist Frederick Douglass and astronomer Benjamin Banneker. CNN

The 11-year-old Pennsylvania boy accused of killing his father’s pregnant girlfriend last week reportedly used his own youth model shotgun in the slaying. Jordan Brown has been charged as an adult with two counts of criminal homicide in the deaths of 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk and her unborn child. Police say Brown went downstairs from his bedroom with the gun hidden in a blanket, shot Houk in the head while she lay in bed, then took the bus to school. Brown is being held in the Lawrence County jail but is segregated from adult prisoners. He has not yet entered a plea. ABC News



  1. Man, I so don’t want to hear Obama or anyone else talk about the state of our economy. I’m tapped out.

    I wonder if people are okay that we’re about to spend almost a billion dollar on yet another country. I have more of a problem with that than I do the stimulus package.

    What happened to kids being afraid to be outside after the street lights came on? These kids have no fear anymore. Jail…oh that’s just a place you go to think about stuff for a while.

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