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Steelers wide receiver Santonia Holmes caught a six-yard touchdown pass with 35 seconds to play to give the Steelers a 27-23 victory over the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. The Steelers now hold six world titles, an NFL record. Sports Illustrated

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps apologized and vowed it wouldn’t happen again after a British newspaper published a photograph of the swimmer smoking a marijuana pipe. The Olympic swimmer is one of 12 Olympic athletes that have pledged to “My Victory,” an initiative launched last year by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to keep competitive sports clean of cheating and drug use. CNN

Former Sen. Tom Daschle, tapped by President Obama to lead his health-care reform campaign, failed to pay more than $128,000 in taxes in the three years before Obama nominated him in December to head the Department of Health and Human Services. “Sen. Daschle is embarrassed and disappointed by these errors,” spokeswoman Jenny Backus said. LA Times

George Obama, the half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, has been arrested by Kenyan police on a charge of possession of marijuana. George Obama and the president barely know each other, though they have met. George Obama was one of the president’s few close relatives who did not go to the inauguration in Washington last week. George Obama has denied the allegations. CNN

The world’s most famous furry forecaster, groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today suggesting another six weeks of wintry weather. Thanks a lot Phil. FOX News

P.S. — Things still suck here in Kentucky. Sigh. Click here for more.



  1. My thoughts:

    Yea..Cardinals! They held their own against the Steelers, even if, in the end, they lost.

    Michael Phelps – stupid but typical mistake.

    Tom Daschle – stupid but typical mistake…although getting sick and tired of hearing about these high-salaried officials failing to pay their taxes AND failing to be caught by the IRS when the real
    “average Joe” making $24,000 a year gets a penalty if they take a deduction in the wrong box.

    Stupid groundhog

  2. uhh should i be coming to Louisville!

  3. and…Johanna Sigurdardottir is sworn in as Iceland’s new PM, the world’s first openly gay leader (since Caligula?) who has said she’ll focus on women’s issues in addition to the rather pressing issue of the collapsed Icelandic economy. On that front, she’s pushing for Iceland to join the EU, a big step for the sometimes isolationist country.

    I don’t know why, but this makes me super happy. I hope she does a great job and is elected in May during the proper election.

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