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Nadya Suleman, the single mother of newborn octuplets, has started a Web site seeking donations to help support her family of 14 children. Suleman, 33, had the octuplets through fertility treatments, despite already having six young children and no clear source of income.
In recent television interviews, Suleman has rejected suggestions that she might not be able to care adequately for all 14 of her children. CNN

A 42-year-old HIV patient with leukemia appears to have no detectable HIV in his blood and no symptoms after a stem cell transplant from a donor carrying a gene mutation that confers natural resistance to the virus that causes AIDS, according to a report published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. A team of medical professionals performed the stem cell transplant on the patient, an American living in Germany, to treat the man’s leukemia, not the HIV itself, but deliberately chose a compatible donor who has a naturally occurring gene mutation that confers resistance to HIV. The mutation cripples a receptor known as CCR5, which is normally found on the surface of T cells, the type of immune system cells attacked by HIV. CNN

Dangling enough dollars in front of smokers who want to quit helps many more succeed, an experiment with hundreds of General Electric Co. workers indicates. Among those paid up to $750 to quit and stay off cigarettes, 15 percent were still tobacco-free about a year later. That may not sound like much, but it’s three times the success rate of a comparison group that got no such bonuses. GE plans to offer an incentive program nationwide next year, aiming to save some of the company’s estimated $50 million annually in extra health and other costs for smoking employees. CBS News

A new poll released just in time for Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday found only 39 percent of Americans say they “believe in the theory of evolution” and just 24 percent of those who attend church weekly believe in the explanation for the origin of life. A quarter of those polled do not believe in evolution, and 36 percent say they don’t have an opinion either way. The poll of 1,018 American adults, found strong ties between education level and belief in the theory. Among those with high-school educations or less who have an opinion on Darwin’s theory, more say they do not believe in evolution than say they believe in it. FOX News

A Department of Justice special court will hand down rulings today in cases asking whether certain vaccines cause autism. Decisions will be issued on three test cases heard in 2007 involving children with autism that their parents contend was triggered by early childhood vaccination. The parents seek compensation, saying the “combined” exposure to thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, in some vaccines and the MMR vaccine led to autism. CNN



  1. Wow, that HIV item sounds like something from X-Men.

  2. that woman crazy if she think someone going help her. why you have more kids when you cant take care of the ones you have. and that is so unfair to the kids!

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