Edd’s MANtra: Who Rocked the Boat?

I usually ignore most of the gossipy-type news I run across, but this item I stumbled upon a couple of days ago struck me.

Could the late R&B singer Aaliyah have caused the mighty Roc-A-Fella records to crumble? Producer/director Choke No Joke (seriously?) thinks so.

Courtesy of hip hop weekly:

“Both Jay and Dame was involved with a certain R&B singer, who I’m not gonna say her name out of respect ’cause she ain’t around to defend herself, but I believe that was a part of the initial friction,” Choke tells Hip Hop Weekly.

“I was seeing Jay with her back around 2000, then Dame was with her after. All you have to do is look at the movie they did, Death of a Dynasty. In the movie they were fighting over a model. In real life she was a model, but singing is what she was known for first.”

Of course, once word of this hit, everyone on the Web was ready to yell “Aaliyah was a Roc groupie!” Only in much more colorful language that the wifey won’t let me use.

Well, it’s no secret that Aaliyah was dating Roc-A-Fella founder Damon Dash at the time of her death. Lord only knows what she saw in that guy. And it’s also known that she was pretty close to Jay-Z as well. But before we start finger-pointing, let’s analyze this thing.

It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Jay and Aaliyah dated. I remember after her death he had a tribute track that seemed awfully personal. I figured at the time that they were just friends, especially since she was dating his close friend Dame. But Jay doesn’t strike me as the type to have platonic female friends. And I can sense a jealous streak too. Remember, he stabbed a man over Charli Baltimore, hip hop’s version of Olive Oyl. At least that’s what Cam’ron said – you can ask him if you can find him.

But I digress. So what if Aaliyah dated Jay and Dame? Can’t a sista get her mack on? I might question her eyesight, but that’s her prerogative. If Jay dated all 15 members of Destiny’s Child I’m sure he would have gotten props. Even if this alleged love triangle was real, the demise of Roc-A-Fella records didn’t have anything to do with her, it was jealousy between the guys.

And how do we know this producer guy isn’t trying to stir the pot? On the heels of the Notorious movie, the Aaliyah biopic is currently being finalized and anticipation is starting to build. This Choke No Joke guy might be looking for some free publicity. He can’t be making that much money recording bum fights. And would you trust a man named Choke No Joke?

Let the woman rest in peace.



  1. Now see, he went and talked about Aaliyah. He done (yes, I said he done) messed up.

    Listen, the fall of Roc-a-Fella has nothing to do with Aaliyah. I knew that she and Jay were close but I never heard that they were dating. But who cares? She was an adult and could do her thing. We all knew that she was dating Dame as they were seen out on the town on the regular from time to time. The fall of the empire came because Jay and Dame couldn’t see eye to eye anymore. And ask Jay if the empire has fallen and he will probably say no…you know why? Because he’s still sitting on top. The Roc-a-Fella empire has just changed from how it was previously known.

    I agree with you Edd…let Aaliyah rest in peace. Some of these damn people just don’t know when to quit and they will do anything to get some exposure. And don’t even get me started on dude’s name. Hmph…you should’ve come MUCH better than that playa.

    Only thing that I wish Jay would change is that sign he holds up for the dynasty. Too close to my beloved sign and trust me, he ain’t a member of the organization. 😉

  2. She a delta so she been throwin’ that Dynasty sign…

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