Blanche is the New Black

Blanche is a white woman from the suburbs, but she has a confession: She’s really black.

She’s always had feelings that she might be black, but the night Barack Obama won the presidency she was certain, because after Obama’s victory she wanted to have a dance-off.

“Everything in me wanted to drop it like it’s hot,” she said.

After coming out as black to her girlfriend, Blanche headed to a bar sporting an over-sized Sean John jacket to sip Olde English from a can and puff on Newports. Oh, and she told a black guy at the bar she wants a grill.

If you think Blanche sounds too ridiculous to be a real person, well, you’re right.

Blanche is the central character of Louisville video artist Pam Swisher’s latest work, “Blanche is the New Black,” a short comedic film in which Swisher deals with racial stereotypes by essentially making fun of them with the over-the-top character of Blanche.

The film is the topic of my latest “Write Out Loud” column for Velocity Weekly. Click here to read the article.

See Swisher’s short film below and let me know what you think.

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