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The Hudson River Miracle
Chesley B. Sullenberger III, 57, the pilot of the US Airways jetliner that had to land in the Hudson River due to failed engines, is being hailed for his quick thinking and deft maneuvers. All 155 people aboard the plane, which lost power in both engines, possibly from striking birds, survived in what is being called the Hudson River Miracle. Unable to get back to La Guardia airport, Sullenberger made a command decision to avoid densely populated areas and try for the Hudson, and had warned the 150 passengers to brace for a hard landing. Most had their heads down as the jetliner slammed into the water, nose slightly up, just three minutes after takeoff on what was to be a flight to Charlotte, N.C. NY Times

Bye, Bye Bush
While delivering his farewell address from the White House, President George W. Bush, looking back on eight tumultuous years, said that his decisions in office have kept the country safe from another terrorist attack as he urged the incoming administration to never let down its guard.
Bush called the approaching inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama a “moment of hope and pride” for the country and said he is “filled with gratitude” for the opportunity to serve.
But he also cautioned Obama to be vigilant, warning that the gravest threat to the country continues to be another terrorist attack.


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