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President Barack Obama spent more than two hours in closed-door meetings with Congressional Republicans on today, outlining his economic stimulus plan and fielding an array of critical questions. It’s considered a rare event for a president, particularly a Democratic one, to sit down with the entire Republican conference and Obama urged his audience to “put politics aside and do the American people’s business right now.” NY Times

A New Zealand man who bought an MP3 player from a thrift shop in Oklahoma found it held 60 U.S. military files, including names and telephone numbers for American soldiers. A New Zealand security expert said the information should not be in the public domain, but that it did not appear likely to affect U.S. national security. The U.S. Embassy declined to comment on the incident.

A FedEx cargo plane after veering off the runway in Lubbock, Texas around 4:30 a.m. today. The plane caught fire but the two crew members walked away from the crash.
Chicago Tribune

The New Life Church, a nationally known evangelical institution that fired its founding pastor, Ted Haggard, in 2006 over accusations that he had had sex with a male prostitute, has revealed another layer to the scandal. The church’s senior pastor Brady Boyd told worshipers on Sunday that the church made payments starting in 2007 to a young male church member who had a relationship with Mr. Haggard before the dismissal. The payments — part of a confidential legal settlement in 2007 that included money for counseling and college expenses — came from insurance money, not donations from members, Boyd said. NY Times


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