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The House passed an $819 billion economic stimulus package today. Despite President Obama’s efforts to achieve bipartisan support for the bill, no Republicans voted for it. The final vote was 244 to 188, with just 12 Democrats voting against it. The Senate is likely to take up the bill next week. CNN

Why my week has sucked:
A massive winter storm has left at least 11 people dead and nearly 1 million homes across the Midwest without power. Almost half those households are in Kentucky, where 45 shelters have been set up to help residents battling icy conditions. The storm dumped ice and snow on a region that extends from Texas to Kentucky and left “absolutely everything in northwest Arkansas … at a standstill,” an Arkansas police officer said. CNN

It was described as one of the most grisly scenes Los Angeles police had ever encountered: the bodies of five small children and their parents, all shot to death, in two upstairs rooms of the family’s home. But even more incomprehensible to some was the story that emerged after the bodies were found Tuesday: A father who, after he and his wife were fired from their jobs, killed all six family members before turning the gun on himself. In a letter faxed to Los Angeles television station KABC before his suicide, Ervin Antonio Lupoe blamed his and his wife’s former employer, Kaiser Permanente’s West Los Angeles Medical Center, for the deaths. Lupoe wrote in the fax, “after a horrendous ordeal, my wife felt it better to end our lives; and why leave our children in someone else’s hands … we have no job and 5 children under 8 years with no place to go. So here we are.” CNN

Massive deficits could force the post office to cut out one day of mail delivery, the postmaster general told Congress on Wednesday, in asking lawmakers to lift the requirement that the agency deliver mail six days a week. Faced with dwindling mail volume and rising costs, the post office was $2.8 billion in the red last year. If the change happens, that doesn’t necessarily mean an end to Saturday mail delivery. Previous post office studies have looked at the possibility of skipping some other day when mail flow is light, such as Tuesday. NY Times



  1. Man, you mean I might not be able to get my junk mail on Tuesday? This economic crisis sucks.

    Maybe at least I’ll stop getting offers to subscribe to Playboy.

  2. LOL! well i dont check my mail but a few times a month. so that sounds like a good deal for me. cause despite the whole economic crisis i still get tons of credit card apps.

  3. It’s not that I don’t agree that the economic stimulus package is needed, but I still don’t understand how a lot of things included will actually stimulate the economy. I don’t agree with the notion of tax cuts that will take forever for anyone except the rich to feel anytime in the near future, but I still have one eyebrow raised.

    I’m so tired of hearing about massive winter storms putting thousands of people out of their home. We’re fighting for alternate forms of energy – how bout reducing our dependency on freakin powerlines that continuously get knocked down!

    I too only check my mail once a week or so; so I don’t know how that would affect me all that much. I would have to say that, if post-men/women are having a hard time delivering large amounts of mail during the current 6-day requirement, I foresee a lot more disgruntled “postal” employees if they cut a day out.

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