Tuesday, September 30, 2008

During those rare moments when I'm off work and I’m not being a responsible adult by paying bills and watching wrestling and stuff, you can usually find me reliving my youth on YouTube. There's nothing I like better than going back in time 15 years or so by watching low-quality music videos from the 90s. Remember when R. Kelly was bald? Remember when Mary J. Blige dressed like Young Jeezy? Remember Pebbles? Probably not, but I do. Poor Pebbles.

Anyway, the thing that always stand out is how BAD hairstyles were in the 80s and early 90s. Remember these?

Jump rope braids

I'm not mad at weave. Ladies, if you purchase the hair, it's yours, whether or not it actually grew out of your scalp. But one thing I never liked were those big, thick braids sisters used to wear back in the early 90s. You know, the ones that look like the ropes they use on boxing rings. Didn't they hurt? I know they had to be heavy.

The giant box

I must admit, I always wanted a high-top fade, or 'the box' as we called 'em in Va. And I thank the good Lord that my mother refused to let me have one. Remember Kid from Kid 'n Play? I think there's a direct correlation between him looking like a human eraser and the fact that he's basically invisible these days.

The Gumby

Even though I wanted a high-top fade as a naïve child, I certainly recognized the wackness of Bobby Brown's infamous cut. It's like he wanted a fade but was afraid to commit so he did the next best thing - created a half fade. Ugh. Why didn't Whitney see that haircut as a signal of Bobby's commitment problems? Oh yeah, the drugs.

The rattail

In our quest for equal opportunity in the realm of crappy haircuts, black folks said, "hey, why can't we have a mullet too?" Thus, the rattail was born.

The curl

I've never met Jheri, but I bet I know how he created the curl (and yes, Jheri HAS to be a man, only a dude would come up with such a thing). He was running late on his way to Harpo's Juke Joint when he caught out in the rain. But when he stepped in the party he was the hottest thing on the floor. Shug couldn't keep her eyes off him.

Don't front, you know you rocked a couple of these styles. What are some of your most memorable hair scares?
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kanye can't catch a break. A couple of weeks ago he and a buddy were locked up for smashing cameras at an LAX airport and later he re-recorded his new single "Love Lockdown" after complaints about quality (and sadly, it still sucks).

And last week, filmmaker Spike Lee revealed he has a script for a sequel to 1988 musical School Daze and that he wanted Kanye and Alicia Keys to be a part of the film.

According to Spike: "The film takes place at the same college but 25 years later, but the powers that be didn't want to tell that story. It was gonna have Kanye in it and Alicia Keys."

I bet Kanye would have loved to be part of this. Film is probably the next frontier for him to conquer and you know he can't wait to start bragging about Academy Award nominations. Can't you imagine him rushing the stage Oscar night, shoving down presenters George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, screaming that he deserved the award over "some dead guy who wore clown makeup?" Pure class.

But Kanye's dreams will have to be put on hold. It seems no one in Hollywood wants to fund a School Daze sequel. And I can't blame them. The original film was not good. At all. The only vivid memory I have of that movie is that there were a ton of people in it who went on to star in A Different World.

Nostalgia is a brain-distorting drug. We like to fool ourselves into thinking that those late 80s-early 90s flicks were good. Yeah, they were entertaining, but I wouldn't call them good. Do The Right Thing? Higher Learning? New Jack City? Try to sit through one of those movies now without rolling your eyes or cracking up at the bad dialogue.

Here’s the test - if a main character's death causes the viewer to laugh, that's the sign of a badly written movie.

The best thing about those movies is that they broke down doors for black actors and directors, which not only added diversity in Hollywood, but later led to movies that were actually good, like Malcolm X and even lighter fare like The Best Man.

I think Kanye dodged a bullet (because you know there's no way he would have turned that role down). I hope Spike goes back to the drawing board and comes out with something compelling instead of rehashing old stuff.

What are some of your favorite movies from that time period? And if anyone tries to say Girl 6 was good, I'm outta here.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

CNN reports:

A national poll of people who watched the first presidential debate suggests that Barack Obama came out on top, but there was overwhelming agreement that both Obama and John McCain would be able to handle the job of president if elected.

Click here to read more and to see video from last night's debate.

Who do you think is most capable of running our country?
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Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain and Obama will debate tonight. Consider this an open space to leave your thoughts and feelings about any points the candidates make.
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Last night's season premiere of Grey's Anatomy was great. (Click here to read the ramblings I posted during the show.)

But what is it like to be a real medical intern or resident? Dr. Courtney Burrell is a pediatric intern at Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami, Fla. We had a chat with her recently about her life as an intern.

Did you start watching Grey's largely because of your dream to become a doctor?

I usually watch all of the medical shows because of my interest in medicine. Grey's, however, is more of my "soap opera" than it is my medical show.

When you were watching the show back in medical school, did you hope and think your intern experience would be like theirs?

I wanted the bonding that ocurred between the group of residents more so the drama that surrounds them. I also like the connection the residents have with their patients.

So how has your first year been so far?

So far residency has been wonderful. Some of my fellow residents think I am crazy for saying that because this is supposed to be the most taxing year of residency. However, I love going to work everyday. I enjoy seeing my patients get better and it's fulfilling to me getting to know my patients and their families.

So how is your experience different from the Grey's crew?

There is a lot more time with the attendings in teaching situations and we definitely don't go out drinking with them.

Have you found a little Grey's Anatomy-esque group of friends?

Our entire class is fairly tight. We try to hang out as much as possible. We also are very intertwined with the second and third year class. Everyone is very supportive of one another and love getting together every chance we get to relieve the stress. Most of us aren't from Miami so we become each others families.

So where's the medical intern hangout spot in Miami?

We usually go to Monty's Raw Bar on Fridays to partake of pain killer #3's and enjoy their delicious oysters. And of course the beach is a great place to relax and unwind.

What is a pain killer #3? Sounds illegal.

It's some sort of alcoholic beverage. Very potent. Probably should be illegal.

Do you ever sleep at the hospital?

Being on call means staying in the hospital overnight to watch over the patients and admit any new patients that come into the emergency room. This occurs every fourth night and you have half of the next day off. When I work in the ER we work 12 hour shifts, which I find to be especially taxing, especially the 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. shift. It's just not natural to be up at this hour!

Which Grey's are you most like?

I am the Nazi Miranda Bailey. And this is not a bad thing. I am a very independent person. I am a leader by nature and love being in charge and directing the care of my patients. I also would like to be chief resident after my third year. It will give me a chance to teach future residents as well as hone my leadership skills. It's amazing to me that most people think I am further along in my residency. A nurse once told me I just seemed so comfortable on the floors. She couldn't believe it was only my second week of residency.

So since you're a pediatric intern I guess you won't be falling in love with any of your patients like Izzie did with Denny and Alex with Rebecca.

I hope not. I can't say I won't fall in love with one and want to adopt them though.

Tell us about something that's happened to you at the hospital that you think would make a great sitcom episode.

This actually happened to one of my fellow interns. A teenage female was presented to the emergency room with vaginal bleeding. After she was examined, it was determined that she had just delivered a baby, which she adamantly denied. After the police searched her home, they found a newborn infant with leaves stuffed in his mouth. He was rushed into the neonatal intensive care unit for care. He was found to have a tear of his esophagus because the branches had been pushed so far down his throat.

It is a very sad case on so many levels. It demonstrates the epidemic of teen pregnancy and how it effects us socially and as well as medically. If the baby survives this catastrophic injury, his medical costs will be astronomical. Plus he will likely be placed in foster care because his mother is not mature enough to care for him given her actions before and after birth. She had not sought prenatal care and simply left him for dead in the bushes outside her home. I think an effort must be made to better educate teens about abstinence and contraception. Teens must also be educated about safe havens and informed that they can leave their newborns at safe houses anonymously and safely.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The two-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy starts now!

WTF! McDreamy! Please tell me Meredith is dreaming!!

Sigh. OK. That's better.

Is anyone else glad she's not Meredith's friend? Or Cristina's?

McDreamy or McSteamy who's hotter?

Delayed rage. I've been there.

Does anyone else hear Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" playing in your head when Callie and Erica are on screen?

It's only 9:15 and someone's dead already?!

I think Cristina likes G.I. Joe.

Her memory resets every 30 seconds. She's like a goldfish.

What kind of crimes would you commit if you found out your husband and best friend were sleeping together?

OK, I think I have a crush on Army Surgeon Badass too.

I'm not sure how I feel about Alex and Izzie getting together. What do you think?

Women should always know what's going on with their money even if they're married and have a joint account! But I'll get off my soap box now.

McSteamy is a jerk, huh? He's still hot, though.

Have I mentioned that I'm glad Meredith isn't my friend?

WTF!!!!???? OMG!! Cristina! Meredith go get help, now! Oh, wait, she can't hear me.

Aww, G.I. Joe is back.

OK, Rose, you're being a little psycho right now.

Your best friend is impelled and you're asking her about your love life. Seriously?

Alex is such an ass.

Callie! What do you mean you don't know?! Oh wait, she can't hear me either.

I was certain that woman was gonna get slapped after she confessed to the affair.

You took out my icicle. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds dirty?

Chill out, Chief!

Well, I made it through an hour and a half before crying.

Yep, I definitely have a crush on G.I. Joe.

Will G.I. Joe stay in Seattle? Will Lexi confess her love for George? Will I ever stop crying?
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Jazmine Sullivan

Fearless (released September 23, 2008)

Jazmine, why are you so mad?

After finally dropping your highly anticipated debut, you'd think it would be a cause for celebration. But after listening to you a couple of times, it seems like you have a lot on your mind.

I can tell that some brother has done you wrong. At just 21 years old, you have the pipes of a woman who has gone through some things. And that emotion certainly drives your album. One minute you're destroying your man's car on "Bust Your Windows" and the next you're seconds away from blowing his head off on "Call Me Guilty." The strong songwriting and production, which invokes, gasp, musical instruments instead of the played-out sythesized sound you hear on the radio, makes the violence sound mighty sweet.

You also show your vulnerable side. "Need U Bad" aches with emotion and tracks like "Fear" and "Lions, Tigers and Bears" show your insecurities with both relationships and your budding career. That theme of fear flows through the entire CD and ties all the tracks together. That's what makes an album. You could have just thrown together a bunch of songs from 'hot' producers, but you're wiser than that.

Maybe you're upset because a couple of the tracks tend to blend together. And maybe you question the inclusion of "After the Hurricane." It's a nice song, no doubt, but it's produced by Stargate so it sounds like everything else on the radio right now, down to the repetitive hook saying 'hurricane' a million times. It hurts the uniqueness of the album.

But Jazmine, you're still breath of fresh air. So stop stressing out.
And stop busting up cars.

Best tracks: Need U Bad, Bust Your Windows, Lions, Tigers and Bears

4 stars out of 5
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last week in my post on the new movie "The Women," I wrote that the chick flick was actually the inspiration for my next column in Velocity Weekly, which is the paper I write for to pay the bills.

The column, "Our curls are a part of who we are," is in this week's issue of Velocity and I hope you all check it out. I decided to write this column after reading "Curl, Interrupted: Do Curly Coifs Equal Frazzled Psyches," an article published earlier this month in the New York Observer. In it writer Sara Vilkomerson explores Hollywood's tendency to straighten out a female character's hair to show that she's straightened out her life. And "The Women" was no exception because we know Meg Ryan's character, Mary, has finally pulled it all together when she emerges with her big blond curls smoothed out.

But this is nothing new. We saw it in "The Princess Diaries" and we see it constantly on makeover shows. To make the curly-haired girls look better, you have to get rid of those rebellious waves.

Enough already! I'm a curly girl and proud of it. And while curls don't necessarily mean frazzled (I hope) I do feel my curls are a part of who I am. When I do occasionally wear my hair straight folks who never speak to me approach me and to say, "I like your hair better like that," or "You should wear your hair straight more often." I always want to scream, "Did I ask you what you like?!" But my Southern Belle manners won't allow me. Even my mother tells me she prefers my hair straight.

But as Louisville-based singer-songwriter Brigid Kaelin, one of the women I interviewed for my column, said, "This is natural. Deal with it. I don't really care if you think I need a makeover."

So I've decided that I want to celebrate all women who proudly rock their hair the way it naturally is, whether it's curly, straight or something in between. If you mostly wear your hair in its natural state (yes, anti-frizz creams are allowed) send me a photo to javacia@georgiamae.com. In a few weeks I'll post a little hair pride photo gallery. I want to see curly coifs, afros, dreadlocks and more.

So break out your cameras or comb through your Facebook photo albums and send me a favorite picture. Be sure to include a sentence or two on why your love your mane.

I can't wait to see your lovely locks!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan's debut album "Fearless" drops today. Sullivan has been compared to Lauryn Hill (pre-nervous breakdown) and even Amy Winehouse (minus the drugs) and with good reason. But I believe she certainly has a style of her own. We were all singing "Need U Bad" all summer long and "Bust Your Windows" is about to be your new favorite song. Trust me.

You can check out the "Need U Bad" video above and you can visit Sullivan's website and MySpace page to hear other songs, including "Bust Your Windows." Let me know what you think. Our resident music guru will share his thoughts on the album later this week.

In the meantime, tell me about the artists you're loving these days.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Keep The Faith: A Memoir
By Faith Evans and Aliya S. King (Released Aug. 29, 2008)

Any true 90s R&B fan knows Faith Evans. Back when P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records absolutely owned the radio, Faith was the centerpiece of the label's R&B division while her estranged husband, the Notorious B.I.G., was the crown jewel of hip hop. Their rocky relationship has been speculated on for years and Faith finally comes forward to set the record straight.

Written in a very laid-back, conversational tone, it's very easily to get pulled into the story. Even though its more than 350 pages long, the memoir's tone makes it a very light read - I knocked out the entire book in a couple of weekends.

Faith takes the reader on a journey through her childhood, the discovery of her musical talent, and the fateful day when she met Diddy and was immediately signed to Bad Boy Records. It's after she's signed to Bad Boy and meets Biggie when the story really takes off - detailing the romantic highs and devastating lows of their relationship.

Faith makes clear early on that the memoir is meant to be HER story - and early on, that's certainly the case. Any aspiring artist should heed her advice on perfecting their craft musically and the importance of developing a sound mind for business. A ton of today's artists would do well to learn from her.

But once Biggie comes into the picture, his large presence begins to overshadow Faith's story, similar to what happened in her life. In fact, after Biggie's death and burial, the book rushes to a conclusion. Although they were touched upon, I would have liked to read more about the efforts that went into her later albums.

I realize, however, that Biggie and the drama that surrounded him will be the biggest draw for most readers. And if it's drama you're looking for, whooo, you'll find plenty here. Faith's issues with Lil' Kim, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Charli Baltimore, and of course 2pac are all covered. I give her props for her honesty about her occasional drug use and extra-martial affairs. And, oh yeah, she's not afraid to deliver a few beat downs - some of your favorite artists get smacked around. It's enough for a month's worth of Maury episodes.

Much like Faith herself, Keep the Faith is far from perfect, but it's entertaining, enlightening and real.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

The new Samuel L. Jackson movie "Lakeview Terrace" opens tonight. I was able to catch a free sneak preview of the movie Tuesday night. (Yes, it was an official sneak preview and not a bootleg DVD from a barbershop). In the movie Jackson stars as a hyper-aggressive police officer who's pissed off because his new neighbors are an interracial couple of a black woman (Kerry Washington) and a white man (Patrick Wilson).

Though the movie felt a bit "made-for-TV," it was still good -- entertaining from start to finish with great acting. The most interesting thing about the movie, of course, is the issue of interracial relationships. While I'm sure not every interracial couple has a crazy, racist cop terrorizing them, even in 2008 being in an interracial relationship will still get you dirty looks and, at times, even harassment.

I have a confession. Though I've always been cool with the idea of interracial dating, when I was in college I always felt very uncomfortable when I saw black men with white women. But not because I was a racist. I was uncomfortable because every black man I knew personally who was dating a white woman would say they were doing so because black women didn't know how to treat their men. And that hurt like hell. So I stupidly assumed that every black man in an interracial relationship felt the same way.

But I was young and dumb. You live and you learn. Now I celebrate all happy and healthy relationships regardless of color or anything else. In fact, I now often find myself encouraging my friends who are considering dating someone outside of their race to just go for it because, as Washington says in "Lakeview Terrace," you like who you like.

There is a notion, however, that black women are resistant to the idea of dating outside of their race. Comedian Chris Rock has joked about it and Soledad O'Brien explored the topic in her CNN Special Report: Black in America, The Black Woman & Family. While I do have black gal pals who date outside of their race, I have plenty who refuse to do so.

Magazines for black women like Essence often feature stories reassuring black women that there are still plenty of black men out there looking for a beautiful black woman to make his wife. And that's great. Really. But what if Mr. Right is white? Or Indian? Or Hispanic? Or Asian? Or Middle Eastern?

Yeah, I know I've found "the one" and he happens to be black, but trust me, if Edd happened to look like Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke instead I would have just as happily accepted that ring.

But what are your thoughts on and experiences with interracial dating and marriage?

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Earlier this week, BET scored an interview with R. Kelly.

If you missed it, you didn’t miss much. He's happy he's a free man, his wishes everyone would leave him alone, that kind of stuff. But the one thing that stood out is that he blatantly admits that he likes the young'ns. Check this:

Interview dude Toure: Do you like teenage girls?
Kelly: When you say teenage, how old are we talking?
Interview dude's face goes blank and he replies: Girls who are teenagers.
Kelly: 19?
Interview dude: 19 and younger.
Kelly: I have some 19-year-old friends, but I don't like anybody illegal if that's what we're talking about, underage.

Let's make one thing clear - Kelly has been found innocent in a court of law. So no matter your opinion of the verdict, I do think he deserves the right to move on.


This dude is 41 years old, according to Wikipedia (and when has Wikipedia ever been wrong?). Forget the underage thing - you're telling me that a 40-something-year-old man is cool with sleeping with 19-year-olds?

And before you say "he never said he was sleeping with them," trust me, he ain't playing Wii with these "friends."

Yeah, a 19-year-old isn't technically underaged, but come on. I'm 28 and I couldn't see myself with a 22-year-old, let alone someone 19. What are you going to do with a 19-year-old? Sneak 'em some liquor? Talk about the Hills? Learn Chris Brown's dance moves?

What frustrates me is that I know plenty of women who will support the man until the end of the earth. Can y'all enlighten me? Would you be cool with your 40-year-old uncle dating a woman who just got her driver's license? Or is it that once you're grown anyone is fair game?

And don't tell me it's OK because Kelly a musical genius. Cuz I'm A Flirt isn't exactly rocket science.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please welcome Georgia Mae's new contributing columnist, Karie. Today she breaks it down with some plain and simple love advice for the ladies.


LOVE 101

Contributed by: Karie

This weekend, I found myself giving relationship advice to one of my best gal pals. The irony of the situation is that I'm usually "very single" and she has a surplus of relationships. I've learned that life's lessons on love do not have numeric quantifiers; instead, I've gleaned these lessons through observation and experience. I am not an expert on men, but here are a few of the basic lessons:

  1. Don't be quick to give "boyfriend" status. The purpose of dating or "hanging out" is to get to know each other. In today's world, many mistake "boyfriend" status as a green light for physical intimacy.
  2. Listen. It's important to listen to the ideas and volitions of your potential mate.
  3. Check for consistency. Days and months later, check to see if his actions match the ideals and principles he first shared with you. If these things do not match, RUN!
  4. Ignore text messages. If text messaging is the primary mode of major conversation, there's a reason why he can't pick up a phone (i.e., he has a wife or girlfriend).
  5. Ignore his call…if he's married or in another relationship. Better yet, save his number as "Do not answer" to help resist temptation.
  6. Don't force a relationship. Trust your instincts. If you discover that your goals and the goals of your potential mate do not blend, don't force fit a relationship. The time and energy spent forcing a relationship could be put into executing your life’s dreams.
  7. Stand up for yourself. Be leery about a man who cannot apologize for hurting you emotionally.
  8. Remember the flying rule -- Put your air mask on first, before helping your mate. Take care of your needs before catering to the needs of your mate.
  9. Have faith that "the one" is out there. Enjoy your life and fulfill your dreams until he comes along.

About the contributor
Karie (pronounced like Marie with a “K) is new to the blogging world. She is a single, 20-something living in the DC Metropolitan area. Professionally, she is a technical writer. Outside of the office, she enjoys graphic design, creative writing, reading, and tennis. Please contact her at
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last week week in my Velocity Weekly Write Out Loud column I confessed that, despite its beautiful foliage, fall depresses the crap out of me. I do like how Mother Nature gets all dressed up this time of year, but I unfortunately see autumn as nothing but a welcome mat to winter. And I, being Alabama born and bred, despise cold weather.

So in an effort to keep me from being a grumpy face all season I'm going to make like blogger Jen MacNeil and do one new thing each of the 90 days of fall. That's right. I want to do one thing I've never done before everyday from Sept. 22 (which is Monday, by the way) until Dec. 20.

I've asked readers of my Velocity column and blog to give me suggestions and I've gotten plenty. A few that I've added to my list include: host a sex toy party, try a flamenco class and learn to change oil in a car. And one suggestion that did not make the cut: attend a zoning board meeting.


My 90-day adventure even got MacNeil's attention and she recommended that I try the following:

Use a chainsaw
Eat crickets
Learn another country's national anthem
Build furniture without looking at the instructions
Get certified in CPR

I've been CPR certified before and I'm not eating insects unless someone is paying me, but the other suggestions will probably make the list.

Now I'm asking my Georgia Mae readers for help. I want to fall in love with an album I never knew existed, try some new food, pick up a new hobby and much more. So tell me about your favorite bands, hobbies, recipes, etc. Tell me about stupid stuff you've done that you're so glad you tried and community service projects that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh, and as I said in my column, buying something I've never owned before counts too, so if youre surfing the Web and you find a cute, but cheap skirt that you think would look great on me, hit me up.

As a way to thank you for being my muse, I'll share updates of my 90-day adventure on this blog in hopes of inspiring you to try something new this fall too.
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In case you read my last post on Gov. Sarah Palin and thought to yourself, "No one is being sexist toward her," head over to Jezebel.com and check out photos of "16 sexist Palin shirts that'll probably piss you off." And just to warn you, they'll probably make you sick to your stomach too.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can you believe this past weekend marked 12 years since 2pac died from gunshot wounds suffered in a Las Vegas drive-by.

I remember being in school - senior year I think - watching the little news progam they broadcasted before class began covering 2pac’s death. I had no idea he would die. The fool got shot all the time; I figured he'd make another song about it, threaten Biggie, as usual, then make another movie. But his death changed the music industry forever as he has become a strange hip-hop martyr.

Recently Blender magazine pissed off 2pac fanboys by ranking him the most overrated artist of all time list in their October issue.
And you know what? Blender speaks the truth.

I think most of Pac's mystique comes from the fact that he's probably the first 'conflicted rapper.' He loves his momma and wants to save the world, but he'll stab you in the eye and kill yo' ho if you look at him wrong. That's all well and good, but what about the music? Blender says Pac 'larded records with self-mythologizing, mediocre filler.' That sounds about right to me. The guy has like 300 albums, but can you name three albums that are as groundbreaking as people claim? Bet not.

I'm still not sure where talk of him being a 'revoluntionary' comes from. Yeah, he wrote a positive song or two, but DMX does that all the time and he’s probably passed out face-first in pile of cocaine right now. I'm kidding, X. I love that dude but I know he'll kill me.

And that's what I'm saying -DMX is one of my favorite rappers but I recognize he's not a saint. So why pretend Pac would have been running for president with Joe Biden if he was still around?

What do you think? If Pac was here would he have changed the world? Or would he have made a couple more movies and gotten shot again? Guess which one I'm pickin'.
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Hey ladies, if you're craving the latest and greatest in music and pop culture news, I'm your man.

Because I Love It (released May 15, 2007)

Poor Amerie. I don't think there has been an artist who has consistently dropped smash singles - you couldn't escape 1 Thing back in '05, and don't forget Why Don't We Fall In Love in '02 - but hasn’t been able to break though the R&B glass ceiling.

Maybe that's why she released her third album, Because I Love It, overseas. Through the magic of Amazon.com, I acquired it the other day. See, the Internet is good for something other than blogs and facebook.

Unlike the rest of those tone-deaf tarts on the radio, Amerie actually takes her music in a different direction. The album blends 80s pop and early 90s R&B - picture Cyndi Lauper and early Mary J. Blige, minus the drugs. The results are really refreshing. And even her more traditional R&B tracks are very well-written and a throwback to the good ol' days.

Despite that, there are a few slight missteps. Her single 'Gotta Work' received a little airplay in the U.S. last year, and I have no idea why she chose that song. It's an inferior 1 Thing ripoff and doesn't measure up to most of the other tracks here. Also, Amerie is still plagued by her biggest flaw - she occasionally tries to hit high notes and often doesn't have the pipes to do it. She tries to sound like Mariah Carey, but winds up pulling a Drew Carey. But most of the time you’ll be too busy dancing to notice those imperfections.

But those nitpicks are few between. This is by far the best R&B album I've purchased this year. Stop pretending that Rihanna can sing and listen to some real talent. Go to Amazon and cop it.

Best tracks: Crush, When Loving U Was Easy, Paint Me Over

4.5 stars out of 5
~ Edward
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Monday, September 15, 2008

My husband scored himself a "Get Out of Jail Free" card Saturday night by taking me to see "The Women." The movie is an updated version of the 1939 George Cukor-directed film, which was an adaptation of the play by Clare Boothe Luce.

"The Women" follows Mary Haines (Meg Ryan), a suburban wife, mother and clothing designer who discovers her husband is cheating on her right around the time that everything else in her life starts to fall apart as well. But at least she still has her friends -- played by Annette Bening, Debra Messing and Jada Pinkett Smith. Despite its all-star cast, "The Women" has received bad reviews, but I was determined to give it chance.

Just in case my husband wasn't excited enough about the movie, the guy at the ticket counter said things like, "We do crazy things for love," and informs my hubby that there is not a single male in the film. "All of the extras are women," he said, "and even the dog is a girl."

Turns out the ticket counter dude was right and, unfortunately, so was L.A. Times movie critic Kenneth Turan who said that "The Women" tries too hard to be all things for all women, which is funny since the crux of the movie is about the dangers of trying to please everyone. The movie starts slow. Very slow. And when it picks up it spins us into a whirlwind of issues from how to juggle a career with family to rebuilding trust in a relationship to unattainable beauty ideals in magazines. Manicures and motherhood? Check. Lesbianism and lingerie? Check.

My husband said it best when he called "The Women" a poor woman's "Sex and the City" (no, I didn't make him go see that too). But I must say that despite all this there were some laugh-out-loud scenes, charming girlfriend moments and adorable, though completely unrealistic, "You Go Girl" conclusions that kept me from wanting my money back. "The Women" is also the inspiration of my next column for Velocity Weekly, which I'll tell you more about next week.

If you saw "The Women" tell me what you thought. Or if you saw the new Tyler Perry movie, "The Family That Preys," which is next on my list of films to hit up, tell me what you thought of that (but no spoilers, please).

Also, click here to check out a video from the L.A. Times website that features "The Women" stars Bening and Eva Mendes (who plays the homewrecker) sharing their feelings on Gov. Sarah Palin.
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Feminism is a topic we'll be discussing a lot here at Georgia Mae, largely because I believe there are too many people out there who have no idea what feminism really is. Oftentimes when I tell people I'm a feminist I get responses like, "You can't be a feminist because you like men," or "If you're a feminist then why do you wear makeup and shave your legs."

Sometimes, when this happens I just laugh. Other times I take the time to explain that for me feminism isn't about hating men or mascara, but about empowering women and working to create a world where women (and men) are free to live the lives they want and can be safe from assault, abuse and rape.

The f-word has been getting plenty of attention lately thanks to Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain's decision to select Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. Some political pundits are hailing the conservative mother of five as a symbol of a new wave of feminism. Political commentator and talk show host Laura Ingraham was quoted in the L.A. Times saying, "Sarah Palin represents a new feminism. . . and there is no bigger threat to the elites in this country than a woman who lives her conservative convictions."

Town Hall columnist and law student Karin Agness argued that Palin is a liberated woman and she scolded feminist groups like the National Organization for Women (NOW) for not being more supportive of Palin.

But there are many feminists out there yelling a collective, "I call bullshit" and maintain that Palin is not a feminist at all. Rebecca Traister, for example, wrote in a column for Salon.com that "the pro-woman rhetoric surrounding Sarah Palin's nomination is a grotesque bastardization of everything feminism has stood for…"

In the essay Traister writes, "In this strange new pro-woman tableau, feminism -- a word that is being used all over the country with regard to Palin's potential power -- means voting for someone who would limit reproductive control, access to healthcare and funding for places like Covenant House Alaska, an organization that helps unwed teen mothers. It means cheering someone who allowed women to be charged for their rape kits while she was mayor of Wasilla…"

But what do you think? Do you consider Palin a feminist? Do you consider yourself one? How do you define feminism?

Whether you think Palin is a feminist or not and whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or neither, we should all call out the sexism that Palin has faced and probably will continue to endure during this presidential campaign. This is a point Kirsten Powers stressed in a recent article in Front Page Magazine. In the essay she quotes a statement made by the new women’s group WomenCount. The group says that it will “stand up for [Palin] against misogynist smears not because we like her or support her, but because that's how feminism works."
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

We ladies may be made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but there's a lot more to us too. Georgia Mae is a new blog that was designed for versatile and dynamic women with their many facets in mind.

I created Georgia Mae to be a safe space on the Web where women can feel comfortable talking about the social issues that effect us most. But Georgia Mae is also a place where women can relax and chat about fashion, food, sex and much more. Georgia Mae is like that girlfriend of yours who is a pop-culture encyclopedia, but is also always ready to talk politics; that pal who loves to party but who always gives good advice; and that friend who will tell you if your outfit is just not working and can tell you where to snag designer gear for cheap.

Named for my late grandmother, Georgia Mae is meant to be personal, passionate and playful because my Granny was all those things and more. She was a woman who believed the personal was political. She was passionate about her God, her family and about freedom and justice. She was not only a strong matriarch but she also served in her church and was active in the Civil Rights movement in Alabama. But my Granny was also a playful woman with a great sense of humor who knew how to have a good time.

Georgia Mae is a blog for women, but that doesn't mean Y-chromosome carriers aren't welcome. In fact, Georgia Mae even has a resident “man blogger” by the name of Edward T. Bowser, a.k.a. the music guru, a.k.a. my saner half. Most of all, I want to build community here at Georgia Mae, so feel free to comment on any and every post and I would love to have you do some guest blogging too. If you’re interested in contributing to Georgia Mae, give me a shout at javacia@georgiamae.com.
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