Yay! It’s our 100th post!

For some reason we bloggers always feel like we need to do something special for our 100th post. A few weeks ago I was visiting one of the many blogs I read and saw that the blogger had posted a list of 100 things that make her happy.

I got this grand idea — I would make a list of my own for my 100th Georgia Mae post.

Then I realized that not only could I not think of 100 things that make me happy, but I’m sure you would probably stop reading around item #10. So, instead I give you a list of 10 things that make me happy.

To give myself a challenge, when making this list I set the rule that the items had to be little, seemingly insignificant things so I couldn’t get off easy and just list my 10 favorite people in the world. So here we go…

1. Yellow cake cupcakes with vanilla frosting. What can I say? Sometimes I’m a plain Jane kind of girl.

2. The blue of a cloudless sky. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing this much these days.

3. The fact that this is on You Tube:

(I know I’m not 14, but I love me some Jesse McCartney.)

4. Oh, and this too.

(Don’t front. You know you liked ‘N Sync back in the day.)

5. A text message from my husband in the middle of the day that just says, “Hi.”

6. Buying a new notebook.

7. Doing a pirouette in my socks in the middle of my kitchen.

8. Anne Taintor snarkiness.

9. The fact that LIFE magazine has digitized its photo archive, so I can look at great photos like this one:

The beautiful Dorothy Dandridge posing in costume for the motion picture “Tarzan’s Peril.”

10. Seeing that you left a new comment on Georgia Mae!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about the little things that make you smile.



  1. – Whenever Ghostface drops a new track

    – Beating some poor chump in Street Fighter

    – Hanging out with family (before they start working my nerves)

    – Chilling with the kids in my bible study class (before they start working my nerves)

    – Alone time with the wifey

    Yeah, I’m sucking up to keep my blogging job – we’re in a recession, I might get laid off

  2. – When my pets play tug of war with the rope toy.

    – Realizing Method Man is in ‘The Wire,’ which I’ve been watching via netflix.

    – The fact that my husband is a fab cook.

    – Getting out the Christmas decorations every year. Believe it or not, each one has really great family memories.

    – Talking to my mom every day for the past 13 years after she survived a brutal accident. Never take that stuff for granted!

    congrats on 100 posts!

  3. that Jesse McCartney video disturbs me.

    but anyway i dont really have a list to share.

    think the only thing that makes me really happy is mexican food and dark chocolate. oh and sleeping in my own bed.

  4. * my mom’s hot chocolate.
    * working off that hot chocolate by dancing salsa.
    * Chicago’s skyline.
    * Those rare days my hair cooperates.
    * Reading (or re-reading) a really great poem.
    * My sister’s kitty — May the Diva.
    * Chai Tea Latte w/ Soy.
    * The fact that my sister is back in Chicago. And I get to live with her.
    * Inside jokes.
    * Looking at old photos.
    * Locking eyes with my boo.
    * Anything that reminds me of the D.R.

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