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Investigators are planning to interview crew members and review data and voice recorders to help determine what caused a passenger plane to veer off a Denver International Airport runway and catch fire this weekend. Fire fighters have said it was a “miracle” that all 115 people aboard the Continental Airlines jet escaped. CNN

The Japanese auto giant Toyota announced today that it expected the first loss in 70 years in its core vehicle-making business. Analysts say that Toyota’s downward revision, its second in two months, shows that the worst financial crisis since the Depression is threatening not just the Big Three but even relatively healthy automakers in Japan, South Korea and Europe. NY Times

Check out this story from Newsweek on the fight to decriminalize prostitution. Advocates of legal prostitution say this will help make conditions safer for sex workers. What do you think?



  1. i do believe prostitution should be legal. i mean its just a job. but i dont know if it will make it safer becasue i dont see how that will put the pimp out of business.

    the only safe thing is being an escort plus you make tons more money. i mean $30 bucks for everything is really a rip off!

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