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French police neutralized five sticks of explosives discovered today in the restrooms of the prestigious department store Printemps in Paris. The Afghan Revolutionary Front has claimed responsibility and is calling for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan by February next year. France has about 2,600 troops serving with NATO in Afghanistan and President Nicolas Sarkozy has said more will be sent.

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of slain President John F. Kennedy, wants the Senate seat of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has been nominated Secretary of State, and she has civil rights activist Al Sharpton on her side. Sharpton has said in a statement, “I unequivocally disagree with those that say she is not qualified and could not bring needed leadership to this state and country.”

President-elect Barack Obama is set to announce Arne Duncan, the head of Chicago public schools, as his choice for education secretary at a news conference Tuesday, a Democratic source said. CNN


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