Edd’s MANtra: 10 albums that made ’08 OK (Part 2)

Today, we conclude my look back at the Top 10 albums that helped make 2008 bearable. Remember, my list includes anything I acquired during the year, regardless of when it was originally released. If I rocked it in ’08 and it was new to me, it was fair game.

Again, I’m joined by the wifey.

Here are the top 5 picks:

#5. Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool
Lupe Fiasco, 2007

Edward – Although it was released late in ’07, this was easily my favorite rap album through most of ’08. Lupe’s creativity and lyrical prowess is outstanding. If not for some head-scratching concept songs, this would have been much higher on the list.

Javacia – Lupe’s one of the few reasons I haven’t totally given up on rap.

E- Well, according to him, he’s only releasing one more album.

J – Sigh. So I heard. LUPEnd.

E- Have hope. You have at least one more album full of Matthew Santos songs to look forward to.

J – Don’t be hating on Matthew Santos. The boy can sing!

E – You’re such a sucker for those sad-sack folk singers.

#4. What’s The 411
Mary J. Blige, 1992

E – Yeah, yeah, yeah, this came out way back in ’92 and I foolishly waited over 15 years to purchase it. Regardless, it’s easy to see why this is heralded as a classic. Every single track has influenced dozens of artists.

J – I never bought this album either. Though I was a Mary fan I didn’t worship her like all the other black girls my age seemed to back then. Ladies, what was up with that?

E- From what I was always told, sistas could relate. Although I appreciated her talent I couldn’t stand her attitude back then. She always looked like she had to use the bathroom during her interviews.

#3. Just Me
Keith Sweat, 2008

E – Now before you give me grief about ranking Keith this high, just know that it’s justified. Keith’s last studio album wasn’t much to write home about, so my hopes weren’t terribly high for this release. And boy, did he prove me wrong – combining old-school songwriting with current production was a thing of beauty.

J – You and your Keith. I heard this album a few times while trapped in your car and it wasn’t too bad. There’s this one song about his girl cheating on him that I actually like. But it’s no “I Want Her.”

E- Why must we live in the past? Keith has many, many, MANY more hits than “I Want Her.”

J – Yes, but they’re all in the past too.

E – It would serve today’s young’ns well if they studied the past and built upon that.

J – You sound like you need that Geritol right about now.

#2. Because I Love It (import)
Amerie, 2007

E – It’s a crying shame that this album didn’t make it stateside. What Amerie lacks in vocals she makes up with the most infectious beats and lyrics you’ve ever heard. This album has a little something for everyone.

J – Amerie’s voice isn’t all that great, but this album really grew on me and now I love it. It helped me through many a road trip this fall.

E – One of my resolutions for the new year should be to start a campaign to get this album in the U.S. Don’t make me e-mail my congressman!

J – While you’re at it see if you can get auto-tune banned.

#1. Untitled
Nas, 2008

E- Everyone said Nas’ best days were behind him. Including me, and I’m a huge fan. His last couple of albums were good, but nothing earth-shattering like his 90s cataloge. Untitled brings him back up to form. Strong concept tracks, a great message and a venomous tounge makes this required listening. Without a doubt it’s the best album of 2008.

J – I couldn’t agree more. This is easily the best album of the year. You many have an abnormal obsession with Keith Sweat, but you do have a good ear for hip hop.

E – It’ll be a crime if this album doesn’t take home a Grammy, but I’m sure it already has Lil Wayne’s name on it. Ugh.

J – Of course it does. These young’ns don’t know anything about good music. We are old, huh?

E – Speak for yourself. I’m young and hip. Now where’s my Patti LaBelle Christmas cassette?

It’s your turn. Tell us your Top 10 of 2008


  1. I’m shocked you two didn’t own that Mary J. album until this year! But it’s never too late for good tunes.

    I love that record so, so much. Sweet Thing is one of my fave songs ever!

  2. Oh yeah, Sweet Thing is a banger.

  3. well as usual im out of the loop cause i live in Tasha World. But i dont think i own any of these albums. My favorite album of the year was Adele’s 19(i think your wife owns it).

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