Could a little “kiss and tell” help your sex life?

According to a study published in last month’s issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 40 percent of women have some type of sexual dysfunction, such as low desire and problems reaching orgasm. But here’s the kicker — only 12 percent are distressed about it.

Uh, what? I’m not sure who the researchers surveyed for this study, but clearly my friends were not in the bunch.

The ladies on The View discussed the study (click here to read more about the research) on Friday and editor Tracie Egan wrote a post about it in which she brought up the issue of talking to your pals about your sex life.

She wrote:

“… hearing about others’ experiences is helpful in gauging our sexual health. This isn’t to say that we should automatically think something is wrong if our sex lives don’t measure up to that of our peers. But many sexual health problems stem from a discomfort with the topic, and the more we talk about sex and masturbation, the more comfortable we will be with the issue. Familiarity breeds orgasms!”

She went on to say that this isn’t much of an issue for younger women because we tend to be more comfortable talking about sex, seeing as how we grew up in an age of Sex and the City, fancy vibrators and the like.

But I started to wonder just how much our generation does discuss sex with friends.

I’m very comfortable talking about sex in a general sense. I even hosted a Pure Romance party at my house this weekend. But these days I very rarely discuss any nitty, gritty details — even with my closest friends.

But what about you? Do you talk about your sex life with your friends?

Do you think these discussions can encourage women to strive for happier, healthier and more satisfying sex lives?

What do you think about 40 percent of women having sexual dysfunction and the fact that only 12 percent of them seemed to care?



  1. the answer is no for me. i am not comfortable at all with the subject or the idea of sex. even though im nearly 30 years old. probably because its not a part of my life due to choices personal choices ive made in my life about not having sex. i also like a lot of people wasn’t raised to discuss it openly.

    i do agree that for those who do have a sex it makes since to discuss sexual issues with others. especially when it comes to sexual health problems. its like anything else the more you discuss it with others the more help and support becomes available.

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