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President-elect Barack Obama has rolled out his economic team. Click here to get to know the crew.

Retailers may face as much trouble moving their merchandise online as they will in stores this holiday season. For the first time ever, online sales are down so far this month.
Baltimore Business Journal

Have you been doing any online shopping?

And even though gas prices are down, seems like folks are going to celebrate Turkey Day at home this holiday. The Automobile Association of America (AAA) says the 41 million Americans expected to take trips at least 50 miles for Thanksgiving is about 600,000 less than traveled last Thanksgiving. Chicago Tribune

Are you planning to travel this weekend?
Are you going to battle the shopping crowds on Black Friday?

I’m heading to my sweet home Alabama tomorrow morning, so there won’t be a Georgia Mae news report. But please stop by anyway when you need a break from your drunk uncle. We’ll have a review of the new Kanye West album Friday and tomorrow you can find out why I’m thankful this holiday season even though my year has kinda sucked.


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