Self-pity is so out of season

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty happy and optimistic person. But as we approach December and I look back over 2008 I realize that, quite frankly, this year has sucked!

Aside from the fact that I was hit by a freaking car, my husband and I had a death in our family, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and I’ve faced several disappointments in my professional, personal and spiritual lives this year.

But it’s Thanksgiving and self-pity does not become me. It’s time out for feeling sorry for myself. So I’m going to make like nearly every other writer in the blogosphere and post a list of things I’m grateful for today. (Yes, I know it’s cliche, but cut me some slack. I did get hit by a car, you know.)

So here we go. Today I give thanks for…

My husband. He’s smart, he’s sweet, he’s funny and he has the cutest ass I’ve ever seen.

My cousin Tasha. She’s like the sister I never had but always wanted and probably the only person on earth who understands me and my neurosis.

HBO. If you also got hooked on True Blood this fall, then you understand.

My butt. It saved my life. No, really, it did.

You! Because you read my ramblings.

Glamour, Bust, Venus Zine, Underwired, Essence, Heart & Soul and all the other magazines that got me through hours on the elliptical machine at the gym.

The cute guy who loads the vending machines at work.

Cake. How can you not thank God for cake?

The fact that I filled up my nearly-empty gas tank the other day for less than $20.

The fact that my mom, dad, brother and I never hang up the phone without saying ‘I love you’ and that tonight before I go to bed I’ll be able to say it in person.



  1. Jai,
    I’m thankful for Trueblood, too. I’m also thankful for each day that passes till summer ’09 gets here, when they’ll ari the 2nd season. I’m an addict and I’m thankful for Vampire Bill…he just sexy!

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