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I had a variety of career aspirations as a child including archaeologist (I liked how the word sounded), madame (don’t ask), lawyer, poet and dancer (no, not the exotic kind). But before all of those I wanted to be Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman television series was canceled in 1979, two years before I first greeted the world. But the reruns were a mainstay in our house. And sometimes I would put on my blue and red swimsuit and some boots and run around the house declaring that I was in fact the Amazon princess and that I was here to save the world.

Eventually I would trade in my superhero ways for a reporter’s notebook, but I’m still convinced I have special powers.

Today I found out that in March Wonder Woman will finally get her own feature-length animated film. Unfortunately it’s going straight to DVD and I won’t get to see my childhood hero on the big screen. But I’m stoked nonetheless.

Golden Globe winner Keri Russell will do the voice for Wonder Woman in the film and she’ll be joined by other chicks who rock like Rosario Dawson (she’ll be doing the voice of Artemis, daughter of Zeus) and Virgina Madsen (she’ll be Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons).

Click here to check out what the L.A. Times had to say about the movie.

My hope is that this movie will be so awesome that next year I’ll be telling you about plans to make a live-action big screen blockbuster inspired by Wonder Woman. A girl can dream, can’t she?



  1. ‘Bout time she got her own movie. If the freaking Watchmen can get a movie she should have one.

  2. you were indeed a strange child!

  3. You know there are actually plans in the early stages to make a Wonder Woman movie, similar to the Hulk, Iron Man, etc type. Beyonce even got some press about playing the part.

  4. You know, now that I think about I do remember some talk about that movie. I hope the plans don’t fall through.

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