Can you be a pro with an Afro?

I don’t know if you all remember this, but last August, Ashley Baker, then an editor at Glamour magazine, visited a law firm to discuss corporate fashion and in her presentation said that both dreadlocks and Afros were a major don’t. The press gave her hell about it (and rightfully so, in my opinion).

I’m an avid reader of Glamour magazine because despite its faults it’s a fun periodical that often has some compelling essays inside as well. BUT when I found out about this I was not happy and I was fuming when a reader wrote in saying that Baker was right and that folks calling this statement racist needed to pipe down. I can’t call Baker racist because I don’t know that lady, but I feel her comments were insensitive and uninformed. But that’s just me. reported today that in the December issue of Glamour (I haven’t gotten my issue in the mail yet) editors give a black reader who is a marketing executive a makeover and guess what… they gave her a too cute curly ‘fro! (Click here to check it out.)

What do you think about dreadlocks and Afros? Do you think they’re unprofessional? (I promise not to attack you if you say yes.)

Also don’t forget, I’m still accepting submissions for the I Heart My Natural Hair photo gallery that I’m putting together for the site. So if you rock a natural ‘do, take a pic of your mane and send it to



  1. That naturally, curly ‘afro’ in my opinion was given because it’s trendy right now, and if ethnic females ‘insist’ on wearing their hair naturally, that particular style is acceptable. However I highly doubt anyone with my grade of hair, which is naturally pretty kinky, would be made-over without a relaxer or at least a hot comb to press the kinks out. In a highly visible, corporate position, I doubt kinky hair will ever be accepted from jump street. Get the job and prove yourself first, then MAYBE you won’t get looked at sideways is how I feel it goes these days. Dreads are becoming more acceptable, but of course only when they’re kept extremely neat (as they should be in my opinion). I’m not as big on corporate america as I once was, and I’m still happy with my decision to be natural. I always make sure I’m presentable. Either you respect me for my talent and professionalism, or I don’t need to work there. I’m done writing my book on the matter, lol.

  2. Even though my hair does not lend itself to either, I LOVE Afros and dreadlocks. Afros, especially, make me feel very, very happy when I see them.

    I don’t think they’re unprofessional at all. As long as you can do your job, I don’t think it should matter.

  3. I rock my ‘fro AND I am professional. So now what?!?

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