Who’s the boss?

Being my own boss was a dream of mine long before I could even spell “self-employed.” When I was about 8 or 9 I turned the walk-in closet in my room into a make-believe store and tried to sell old cassette tapes and other random goods to my parents’ friends. I think I made about $10 that summer.

Still today I know that when I grow up I want to be a business owner. If the market for print media ever gets out of the crapper that business will be a women’s magazine. If not, I’ll probably start a fashion boutique so I can finally make a career out of shopping and playing dress up with my friends.

If you too have dreams of being the boss, check out the article, “I am the boss of me” in this month’s issue of Marie Claire. Read about five women who turned their passions — which range from bowling and being green to fashion and gourmet chocolate — into their very own businesses.

Also check out some of these resources for small business owners:

U.S. Small Business Administration
(Ladies, while you’re on this site be sure to check out this page)


Count Me In

Do you have entrepreneurial dreams too?

If you already own a business, tell me all about it at javacia@soulinstereo.com. I’d love to share your story with Georgia Mae readers.



  1. my foremost entrepreneurial goal is going to be thru real estate..we’ll see how that goes, because i probably need to get my booty out of NYC before I can really make anything happen..i’ve also dabbled with the idea of becoming a caterer or personal chef..who knows, the ‘possibilities are endless’ lol

  2. Javacia’s Closet!!LOL you know I couldn’t resist that one!

    But I’ve actually never wanted to own my own business. Seems like hardwork.

  3. Yeah, when I was about 10 years old, instead of playing sports, which I hated to do, I went and set up a dinosaur museum in my bedroom. It was mostly dinosaur toys and stuff I dug up out of the backyard, but I was convinced that someone would be convinced that a rusty wrench was a T-rex finger. I was a shadey businessman: I charged my family 50 cents a person to see it, but I let my friends in for free. Guess that’s why it only lasted three days. Hmmm, sounds like what real business people do… oh and the feds.

  4. As soon as I can escape my current job, I hope to open a doggy day care in another city.
    That way, my dogs will get exercise all day with friends, and I will rake in the dough of working people with dog-guilt.
    And maybe I can finish my book because I won’t be writing for a living.
    Fingers crossed!

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