Round Two

Tonight the presidential candidates will face off in a second debate, this one in the form of a town hall meeting. I’m going to feign political nerdiness and attend a debate watch party.

I really hope we get some concrete answers from Senators John McCain and Barack Obama on what they plan to do about our nation’s current economic situation. Talks of a second Great Depression have me shaking in my kitten heels.

This month’s issue of Glamour magazine features interviews with McCain and Obama and highlights their stances on issues like abortion, equal pay for women and men, the environment and the Iraq War. If you need a recap of the plans they’re proposing, it’s definitely worth a read.

Have you decided who you will vote for next month? What issues are most important to you in this upcoming election? And how do you feel the Bush Administration has changed your life over the past eight years?

Be sure to visit after the debate and let us know what you think of tonight’s discussions.


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