America just witnessed the first and only debate between vice presidential candidates Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin. How do you think they did?

If you missed the debate, click here for CNN reports on the veep faceoff.



  1. I thought they both did well; however, I thought Biden won the debate. He wiped the floor with her on foreign policy (although expected), and he spoke in a way that I thought really connected with American’s middle class – just as she did for the people she’s trying to appeal to.

    I don’t think much changed after their debate in terms of actual votes. Republicans who were questioning Palin before might feel better about her, but it’s not like they would have ever voted for Obama. She just made it a little easier for them to vote for her (McCain) now. Either way – no votes lost for Obama.

  2. i hate to admit it but i fell asleep again.

  3. I think Tina Fey should run for VP.

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